Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chinese New Year table decorations 2011

As a way to have fun at the school I work at we have this thing on Wednesdays called Lunch Bunch.  In 2010 I just happened to have my lunch right at Chinese New Year, I could not pass up on capitalizing on the event so I made Pot sticker soup, then I made some little tigers, and a sign to signify the year of the tiger.  This year I had decided that I would do the Chinese New Year them however, I signed up and ended up being a month late, well I discovered that if you make a great lunch and enough fuss with decorations it does not matter when you celebrate an event.  This year was the year of the Rabbit, I resorted to the circle book decorations and made a die cut to represent different areas of chinese culture.  A tea pot  with a story about steps how to present a tea ceremony, the numbers signifying the significance of the year of the animals, Panda bears and the significance to the chinese culture, a rice bowl, a doll and pagodas.

I used a variety of cartridges however, Pagoda was the main cartridge used

The recipe for Pot Sticker Soup
I make this according to how many people I am serving therefore it does not have exact measurements.
Chicken Broth
Soy Sauce ( I use low sodium)
Sesame Oil
Hot Pepper Oil - just a bit then taste, too much will make the soup spicy hot
Baby Corn - found canned in the Asian section of the grocery
Carrot Circles
Water chestnuts
Baby Bok Choy, washed and sliced on the diagonal
Green pepper - diced
Frozen Potstickers - I had been purchasing at Lunds/Byerlys however I just discovered that Trader Joe's has them cheaper and just as good.
The to garnish I slice a red, yellow and green peper into the rings  and float them along the top

Add the Bok Choy and the potstickers approximately 20 minutes before serving, otherwise they cook down to nothing.


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