Monday, March 7, 2011

Meghan's Graduation Table decorations

For Meghan I decided to roll out the circle book again like I did for Keenan however, I used her school colors of Purple and White, I cut out Southwest using Doodletype and my Cricut Design Studio software, now I would use the Gypsy however these were made pre-gypsy ownership days.  I then decorated with the Anchor because her school mascot was the Lakers and Symbol is the Anchor.  To decorate the opposite side from the photos I used the cartridge A Child's year and cut die cuts that reflect the age that Meghan was, I then cut white clothing pieces and little things out and hung them from the metallic swirls coming out the middle of the book, I thought this was cute and looked kind of like a french laundry.  The result was very cute, the nice thing about the books is that they are tied together on one side, when they are open, when you are done you can glue the books together and make one big book.

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