Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011, Lunch decorations - The year of the rabbit

I created 3 of these table decorations for my lunch bunch day.  The past couple of years I have done lunch bunch right around chinese new year.  It makes the menu easier and a reason to decorate.

I use George and basic shapes for the circles
several different cartridges for the rabbits
Pagoda for the Asian feel - most are japanese though
Welcome to MN 6 friends from across the US
get together to celebrate our friend Kristen

I made these little pages for all the gals to remember our weekend together.  I included all the things that represent  MN, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, Paddlewheeler on Mississippi, farming, the Loon, mining, snow, ladyslipper, Mall of America

Monday, June 27, 2011

boutonniere's - a special challenge

#1 after 3 trials, I finally got one that I really like

#2 Wow they turned out great!

Don't forget to make the boxes


I used the McGill Flower punch system and an idea from Martha for the poms.
Of course Tags, Bags, Boxes and More has to make a brief appearance for the beautiful boxes.  I was so happy with the results and the comments have been so treasured.  Now..... these flowers combined with the cakes!!!! Oh I am getting an idea.

Paper Doll exchange - these were my entries





I used Paper Doll Dress Up and Everyday Paper dolls to make these I had to make 5 of each doll to trade, I will get one of my dolls and 4 others in each category.  I love doing the swaps and seeing the work of others.

Sensational Synchronized Swimming poster at the State Meet, Edina was top dog in poster making!!

Teams: Love, Love Cats, Harry Potter, Trains, Goo and Clash

Austin Powers, Rain,  Potter and ...

Edina finished 4th in State their best placing ever!!!  Yeah - Great Coaching

Special Die Cuts

Kate's ABC's

Barb -Retiree - Resource Room Teacher

Bob Ouren - Band Director - Retiree

Van Nelson - Health Teacher - Retiree

Lynne Asbury - Health Associate - Retiree
Future Grandma to Twins

Hannah  King- Diagnostician - Retir

Deb Nelson - Attendance Clerk - Retiree
Not sure why she insists on standing on head!

Special Birthday Request

3rd grade celebration cake KIDS Club

This Edina themed cake was made to celebrate the moving on from KIDS Club to Wise Guys for the 2011 3rd grade class at Countryside.  The cartridges I used were: Pooh and Friends for the bees and bee hives, Doodletype for the letters, Tags Bags Boxes and More for the boxes, I cut  3 different sizes, they were filled with Candy, A child's year for the silhouettes .  I used 20 gage wire anchored in the center of the cake and hung little bees from the wire.  I did use the gypsy to program the cake into ahead of time so all I had to do is sit down and cut once I was ready.