Monday, May 9, 2011

Excuse me, I have been neglecting my blog!!!

Wow, today I realized that I have been neglecting my blog.  I guess that means one of 2 things, I have been busy and I have been creating.  Well one of two is not bad, I have been busy creating however, the main reason I have been neglectful of this blog is that I like to use my laptop it is easier to add photos etc... and my daughter always has a need to use the laptop I have freshly charged to sit down to add to my blog, now if the laptop was out of battery life she would never need it - but give it a fresh charge and she takes over!  Oh the life of a creative mother!  I have recently begun to sell cards that I have created to my co-workers - I has been a great source of extra crafting money - I turned the profits over to purchase a texture botique and some envelopes = more cards will be on the way!!!!  I am trying to build up an inventory for my etsy store one day I will get it stocked.

I did make kind of a fancy "Thank You" for an orgainization that I recently retired from after seven years, photo's will come.  I had my cricut and gypsy working last night for 3 hours creating, I just love to use the quiet late hours of the evening to be creative, again my daughter has grown to hate the cricut cutting away as she is trying to go to sleep - one answer - ear plugs!!!

I think I will stow away with the computer tonight and add some photos - shhhh don't tell the little one (17 year old) I am hiding with the laptop!!!

Now, I am trying to figure out how I can enjoy the beautiful afternoons we are suppose to have the next few days and complete my projects too.  I want to craft outside!!!  Finally we are going to have 80 degree weather!

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