Sunday, March 20, 2011

Circle of Disney Friends project

I will be updating information on these soon

unusual books -

The purpose of the following "book" was to take a film canister then add a moving element, a metal,  and a natural element  then have it tell a story.  We made it to the top spun as the elements from the sea moved around it and you could read the poem about the beach as you twisted the top. We used the cricut cartridge - Doodlecharms to create the features of the sea.

The next book had to tell a story and have windows that popped the opposite direction.  It was perfect that my son had just visited the San Diego Zoo, the story we created was "A trip to the Zoo"  we cut the windows out then used the cricut cartridges - Zoo Balloo and Beyond Birthdays to add the shadow elements of the children visiting the zoo, with real pictures from the zoo in the fold outs!

A book assignment that I helped a friend with using my cricut personal cutter, right after I got it.  These are old!!  The friend has been graduated from College for at least 3 years now, and I have moved onto using an Expression!

Cyndal's Prom in Paper Dolls

Tia my niece made her little sister a photo album of her Senior Prom.  I made these little guys to go with the pages, the theme was Candyland, the dolls reflected what the kids wore.  I used Everyday Paper Dolls and Paper Doll Dress Up to create these little dolls.  I have gotten much better at taking photos of my work.  I thought these were cute but photography lacks.

3 Birds on Parade - RAK

I sent off these cute little birds as a RAK

Swap - Embellished Paper Clips

I joined a swap to embellish paper clips, the themes were:
In the Kitchen
Below are the clips I sent.

Random Acts of Kindness Disney Classics

This past weekend I finished up some projects I promised to finish up for some groups I belong to.  I think they turned out pretty well, what do you think?

These Disney cuts are tough to make, the pieces can be very small - Cartridge - Cricut Disney Classic

Monday, March 7, 2011

Disney Cake

I have a special friend that needed a pick me up this holiday season, I made yet another cake and mailed it off, this time each of the pieces had either buzz lightyear or briar rose cut outs.

Cruising away

I made our Cruise ship, then knowing that my dear Sister In Law really wanted a cruise ship too, I made the ship for my niece and then cut extra pieces with for my sister in law to create her own ship.

I used My Gypsy to write the names in the clouds to cut out and I used george and basic shapes to cut the little windows, and I used Stand and Salute to cut the Statue of Liberty which was the decoration with the ribbons on the side of their ship. I had to hand draw the ribbons and the NCL logo on the  smoke stack.

Inside Anna's Surprise cake

I used a wide variety of cartridges to make the die cuts for Anna's cake,  
Mr. and Mrs Potato Head were Toy Story
Santa Head was from Christmas Solutions
Princess from Happily Ever After and 
Tinkerbell, from Tinkerbell and friends
Snowman from Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Christmas characters from Hello Kitty
Santa, Mrs. Claus, wise men, deer, tree and gingerbread cookies from Paper Doll Dress Up

Baby Shower Cake

I made this for a fellow teacher, she was having a baby girl, I thought it would be fun to make her some die cuts to to decorate her daughter's baby book.  The cartridges I used were: A Child's Year and Bags,Tags,Boxes and More.

My first Paper Cake

I will be adding directions however, this was created for Anna, my cousins friend that was having her first all out birthday party at the age of ummm... more than 10.  Each wedge had a die cut that was created for the party attendees, hello kitty, camping equip, 4 wheelers, cute little characters, it is said that everyone LOVED the cake.

Keenan's Graduation Table Toppers

I came up with the design for these table toppers as a way to signify each year that Keenan was in school.  I made a spread sheet to record each teacher, activity and special friends of the year, these were super cute and attractive.  I used the Cricut Design Studio to weld the letters and numbers together however in the future I would create them on the Gypsy.  After these books were used I glued them all together to make one large circle book for Keenan to keep as a memory.

Bloomington Jefferson Letterman's jacket

I made these for my friend Lauren that Graduated from Bloomington Jefferson High School, she was a basketball manager and member of the Golf Team.  I used Sports Mania to make the jacket, the original idea was used for Keenan when he received his first Varsity Letter as a junior, I then made one of these for each member of the Edina State Swim team on their 3rd State Title.  Eventually I will get the original posted.