Sunday, March 6, 2011

Edina Hockey Pages - commissioned work

A co-worker of mine, sent me a text mid-Feb. asking if I had the time to put together some pages for her son's hockey book, of course I replied - as if that would be something that I wouldn't want to do.  The result were the above pages.  Fans in the Stands is pretty straight forward, I mounted the pictures on green paper and then used my gypsy to weld the letters together to form the words, I used the Doodletype cartridge because I like the way the letters weld together.

The second page I had was all about Jake, this had me thinking... THEN the idea came to me one evening when I was tired and did not feel like working - what if I find a silhouette of a hockey player, then I can collage the photos, mount it on a green shadow, then put the whole thing on black.  My energy burst arrived and about an hour later the finished product was ready for delivery.  I used the Sports Mania Cartridge and my gypsy to make a 10.5 inch hockey player as the base for the project.  Once again I used Doodletype for the name and numbers welding them together.

Page 3 Jerseys - What could I come up with.... I was told that I could have pictures of the kids and the back of their jerseys, after working with the photos, I thought I would like something different.  I then thought I would make a mini jersey and put them around a hockey puck, these were a little bit more labor intensive however the finished result was something that I must say I kind of liked.
I used Sports Mania for the jersey, George and Basic shapes for the hexagon stop sign, and Doodletype for the numbers.  I had to print the names and the General Sports Logo along the bottom.  I also used a white pen for the stripes (now, if you know me there is only one type of white pen in this world that I can promote that would be the uniball signo white pen  I have used many white pens and this little baby can not be beat, in my opinion.) I also outlined around the numbers with a black glaze pen, then the next question is how in the world did I get the STOP on the little hexagon - I used a .005 Zig black pen.
Once my sister-in-law views these pages I am sure she will be offering up my ideas to her hockey mom friends!  As always scraplifting is the biggest form of flatery so go ahead, all I ask is that you make a comment on my blog, I love to hear from the people who's lives I touch.

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