Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be Creative with Betsy - Embellished Paper Clips

I participated in an Embellished paper clip swap.  I knew I wanted to make watering cans, as it made me think of spring, which I am looking forward to.  I also had purchased some time ago the little flowers and knew they would be perfect for the watering can.  I cut the watering can an 1.5 inches and the circle 2 inches. 
The cartridges I used were:
Freshly picked - for the watering can
George and Basic Shapes - for the circle

I also used a fern corner punch and kept the green fern pieces to add some green behind the flower.

I used Large paper clips.

What I learned is that you really need to use glue dots when you are working with embellishments and paper clips if you want to keep them together.  I also learned that while I will probably not use these in my scrapbooks, they would be cute to add to cards, or papers I want to keep together and give someone.

Creativity is a mindset!


Be Creative with Betsy - charms

I participated in a handmade charm exchange, thought it would be fun to see what others were doing in the craft world, I also hate to miss out on fun project.  Last year while I worked at a craft store I made little charms to hang off my name tag, this helped to initiate conversation and also sell product, mainly stamps and ink.  The charms were hugely popular and many would anxiously wait to see how I changed the charms with the seasons.  I created the charms using Shrinky Dink plastic, that is available in craft stores, I like to use the paper with the frosted side because I can color it with my pencils and the color seems to stay on well.  I stamp the image with Staz On ink because obviously it Staz On, I really only stamp with Black, just a personal preference.  I cut the images out being mindful that if I am going to make a charm I need to cut a place to put the jumb ring through, then I carefully punch with a medium size hole punch in the loop I had cut out extra at the top of the head.  I put the charms on a foil lined cookie sheet and baked them in the oven at 250 for about 10 minutes, they shrink down nicely, if they are not flat I press them down with  my finger.  They are ready for the jump rings to be added.  I personally like double jump rings but if I am sending them off to others I put single jump rings on as the doubles take some time to master with the little charms.

Fun - is a new creation.

Be Creative with Betsy - Toy Story cuts

I cut these Toy Story cuts out as a Random Act of Kindness for someone that did not have the cartridge, what I did not realize was that this woman has requested 29 cuts from this Cartridge, I cut these 11 and had someone else cut the others.  I also learned that you need to make the cuts at least 5 inches, otherwise the pieces are so small it will drive your eyes crazy.

Be Creative with Betsy - Valentine's 2011

I made these cutie valentine's using my Cricut.  I used the Create a Critter cartridge, cutting the images 2.5 inches.  I made up the sayings to go along with the images.  The paper was a DCWV Valentine pack.

Be Creative with Betsy

Working on my valentines, there are several layers, they look so nice.  I am using the cartridge Create a Critter for the shapes and George and Basic shapes for the rectangles.  The idea I scraplifted from had some nice ribbon accents, however I had to make so many that I decided Red Christmas ribbon would be much more economical.  Pictures coming soon.

Creativity is a clue to your personality,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be Creative with Betsy

Geez getting this blog started has been interesting, now that I have figured out that I needed to delete an existing blog that I had attached to my same email, it seemed like I was finally going to get to post some photos.   I pulled out the laptop where I have photos saved, then the lap decided it would like to be charge, I got busy with other projects and never got the pictures uploaded, tonight is a new night photos should hopefully get posted.

On the baby front, Kamden Adam was welcomed into the family yesterday afternoon, he is a cutie - I can not wait to meet him.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learning how to be techie

So last night I wanted to add some photos of projects and different stuff I have made over the years.  I could not get into the blog to edit it.  Look for pictures to come up later today.  

Big family news: Tia, my niece, will be having her 2nd child VERY soon today.

Don't be afraid to be creative, you will never know your potential until you try!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Be Creative with Betsy

I have just begun this journey of creating a blog, as a place to share my creative talents.  Please grow with me as I develop this blog for the enjoyment of everyone.  Make sure to follow me, and suggest blogs for which I might like to join.  Make sure to check back often I will be adding new information often.