Sunday, March 20, 2011

unusual books -

The purpose of the following "book" was to take a film canister then add a moving element, a metal,  and a natural element  then have it tell a story.  We made it to the top spun as the elements from the sea moved around it and you could read the poem about the beach as you twisted the top. We used the cricut cartridge - Doodlecharms to create the features of the sea.

The next book had to tell a story and have windows that popped the opposite direction.  It was perfect that my son had just visited the San Diego Zoo, the story we created was "A trip to the Zoo"  we cut the windows out then used the cricut cartridges - Zoo Balloo and Beyond Birthdays to add the shadow elements of the children visiting the zoo, with real pictures from the zoo in the fold outs!

A book assignment that I helped a friend with using my cricut personal cutter, right after I got it.  These are old!!  The friend has been graduated from College for at least 3 years now, and I have moved onto using an Expression!

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